Make your own motorway art

If you get bored easily when you’re in the car -> because you’re not the driver – your iPad may help out. By using the creative lens options of the iPad camera, you can make some really cool images, just taking snaps of what’s happing around you. Looks like motorway art 🙂

ipad art

Made by Vito with iPad kaleidoscopic lens option


ipad art

Made with iPad creative lens option

Above: one spot is ‘normal’ and the rest is reduced to stripes of color.

Below: The ‘mirror’ lens created a weird effect: we were overtaking a lorry and through the doubling effect of the lens it seemed we were driving between two big lorries!

ipad art

Made with iPad creative lens option

ipad art

Made with iPad creative lens option

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Awesome drift skills on RC car!

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Carwrapping is when cars get wrapped with a special foil as an alternative for paint.


this as an example

Carwrapping is helpful for companies that have thier vehicles in a special color, so that they don’t have to paint it that color or paint any logo on it. This way the company can remove the wrap when selling the car, so that it is worth more money.


Here you see how they wrap a car:


We also saw this wrapped car at a hotel once:

wrapped car fluo

wrapped car fluo

wrapped car fluo

At least your visible on the road! 🙂

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Cop car

COP CAR film


A film we saw the other day. (In this poster the film is rated 15, here in Holland it’s 12.)

The story is simple: Two 10-year old boys runaway from home and stumble upon what seems an abandoned police car. They carefully inspect and end up driving off with it. It turns out it carries a man in the boot, put there by the sheriff, and soon the boys – Harrison and Travis – play a starring role in a thriller road movie. An angry, twisted Kevin Bacon is the hunter. -> An unbelievably intense experience, according to

The young actors James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford make it so.

COP CAR film

Actors James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford attend the premiere of “Cop Car”

To the 11-year old viewer at times a cool fantasy, to the mother a nightmare.

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Speed camera


Haha, I just love a creative prank!

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Revving it up


car advertisement

Chrysler advertisement 1969

This is the first post on our shared blog where we will keep all the stuff about cars that interests us. A couple of petrol heads deep inside, we will post updates on our journey here, looking for fuel, in daily life, while waiting for our ship to come in. That’s the fantasy part of our carefully curated box of chocolates which we will share on our pages here.

Dit is de eerste post van ons gezamenlijke blog waar we alles bewaren wat ons interesseert aan auto’s. Diep van binnen een stel autofanaten, zullen we hier updates posten van onze zoektocht naar brandstof, in het dagelijkse leven, terwijl we wachten op een hoofdprijs. Daarvoor hebben we alvast zorgvuldig allerlei lekkers verzameld wat we hier zullen delen.

The image above is a clipping from 1969, from a newspaper I found in a junkyard while in the US last year. We were on holiday, heading for the Grand Canyon driving a brand new white Ford Mustang.

De afbeelding hierboven is een knipsel uit 1969, uit een krant die ik gevonden heb op een uitdragerij toen we in de VS waren vorig jaar. We waren op vakantie, op weg naar de Grand Canyon in een gloednieuwe witte Ford Mustang.


Google Translate, your companion for this blog

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